Who Are We?

Obtaining business funding is often a complex and intimidating process for many business owners, wasting countless hours only to go down the wrong path. Direct Business Lending was created to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in America’s economy.

Direct Business Lending is a unique solution for entrepreneurs. We combine a personal guide through the lending process with our matching platform that matches businesses to lenders based on their individual criteria. With over 3,000 lending partners to choose from, our unique process is what enables us to match the right business to the right lender.

Our team is committed to working with our clients to understand their business requirements and helping them achieving the funding that can unleash their business potential.

Our Core Values

As a collective team, we are dedicated to the following 5 Core Values:

Going the Extra Mile
Going the extra mile is doing what is needed regardless of what is required to achieve the end result of success. Doing that little extra something to leave customers & team members emotionally impacted by your commitment. We are not an average company, our services are not average & we don’t expect our team members to be average.

Excellence In Client Service
Our client’s are the lifeblood of our company and it is our responsibility to put their needs above all else. Excellent Client Service begins with outstanding communication, both responsive and proactive. Our clients should at all times know where their file is & expected timelines. On top of communication is the quality of our work. Each & every day, we shall strive to provide amazing quality of service to each and every customer.

Pursuing Growth and Learning
Change is inevitable and we have a choice to be overwhelmed or to learn and grow from change. Every team member has the opportunity to accelerate their career path by choosing to grow, learn & master their role for today & for tomorrow. Our success comes from our team not being stuck in old ways but by growing as individuals and helping our organization grow.

Being Passionate Everyday
We value passion, determination, inspiration and a “can do” attitude. We believe that every problem has a solution and all it requires is passion to find the solution. We don’t take “no” or “that’s to hard” as an answer because if we did that, our business wouldn’t exist today. Passion is contagious amongst our team members, our partners and our clients. How much passion did you bring today?

Building a Positive Team Environment
We believe that a team’s strength is built from a truly positive environment; that each person is uplifting those around them and being uplifted at the same time. Each team member both leads and follows to cause a momentum that can’t be stopped. We believe that great teams are teammates at the office and friends outside the office. It’s these relationships that enable our team to truly look after each other when they are ‘on the job’.

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